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Privacy gates not only help to protect your home or business, but they can also make a style statement. From tempered, laminated glass and aluminum, to stainless steel and natural wood, a privacy gate can blend into any architectural style.

An automatic privacy gate can discourage thieves by not only creating a barrier but also blocking their visibility. Tall fencing with a solid gate will likely deter any would-be thieves.

An automated privacy gate can also keep your children and pets safe, by keeping them in the yard and off the street. Such a gate is not only essential at your property’s entry, but also around your swimming pool.

Also, an attractive privacy gate can increase your home’s curb appeal. However, be sure to choose a design that complements not only your home but also your neighborhood. From rustic wood to ornate iron, a privacy gate can really make a statement.

An electric, remote-controlled privacy gate can also significantly increase your home’s value. Not only that, your insurance company might be able to give you a discount and lower your premiums.

Finally, privacy gates increase your privacy. You’ll be able to rest assured that nosey neighbors won’t be getting into your business. You and your family can enjoy life without being under constant observation.

Privacy fencing and gates not only increase your home’s curb appeal and value but also your quality of life.

Mulholland Brand has been securing the Los Angeles area with stylish privacy fencing and gates since 1994.