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When you schedule a professional fence installation in Stafford, NJ, you can count on the fencing company to be prepared with the necessary equipment and the right permits to complete the job. Even so, there are things you’ll need to do as well. Learning how to prepare for a home fence installationwill help make the entire process go smoothly.

Find Your Property Line

If you plan to use your fence as a boundary to your property, you need to know exactly where the property line is located. Check with your local city or county planning or zoning authorities and the public records associated with your land. You can also have it surveyed and marked.

Clean Up

Remove debris and any miscellaneous items from around the yard. You’ll also need to get rid of large rocks, tree stumps, low-hanging branches, weeds, and other obstacles from the fence line. Be sure to put away toys and lawn furniture too.

Alert the Neighbors

Talk to any neighbors that you share boundaries with. Tell them about your plans and describe the type of fence you’re having installed. Let them know when the installation is scheduled so they can keep their children and pets inside while the work is being completed.

Learning how to prepare for a home fence installation will be much appreciated by your installers. It makes everything go faster and easier.

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