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Businesses of all sizes have seen the benefits that come from outsourcing business tasks. For example, a small construction business owner will save a lot of time and energy by having someone else do their advertising and taxes. Or consider the example of a large healthcare center. Medical professionals will offer better patient care and minimize errors when after hiring a clinical data abstraction company.

It makes sense that outsourcing is beneficial. Instead of having a business owner or employees wear multiple hats, they can focus on what they are good at. They can do the job that they have received training to perform. There are few areas where this is more beneficial than in the healthcare industry. Studies show that doctors spend a large portion of their time doing data entry. When this task can be passed to someone else or can be done in an easier way, doctors can spend more time helping patients.

Indexing patient records offers a variety of benefits. The process that is used by a clinical data abstraction company involves taking medical records that have been scanned by staff at the medical office and creating unique folders for each patient. The medical team will then have access to these folders. They can search for a patient using an MRN, Social Security number, or first and last name.

When s medical team has access to these records, errors are minimized, time is saved, and patients receive better care. This is a clear example of how outsourcing benefits everyone.