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After searching online, reading reviews, and comparing all your reasonable options, you’ve finally found an apartment community where you feel as though you’ll be at home. Before moving in, there are a few details to consider that can make the process run a bit smoother overall.

What You Can Afford

A large detail that you need to think about before you even look at apartments for rent in Phoenix, Arizona, is your budget. Aside from the monthly rent amount, you also need to budget for your utilities, car insurance, groceries, and other bills that you need to pay on a regular basis so that you don’t spend more money than you make each month. This will ensure you are being realistic when looking at what your options are.


When you start looking at apartments for rent in Phoenix, Arizona, you’ll likely be interested in finding out how many bedrooms are available and how many bathrooms the units have. However, you should also look into the size of the kitchen and the living room. Ask about excess storage as well so that you have somewhere to store items that might not fit in your closets. Check to see if the kitchen and laundry rooms have the cabinet space that you need as well.

Thin Walls and Floors

When you take a tour of a unit at the apartment complex, try to see if you can hear the people in the other units. If you can, then it could mean that the floors or walls are too thin. This would also mean that people could hear you while you’re walking around or simply carrying on about your daily tasks. If you have pets or children, then consider asking for a unit on the first floor to keep others from hearing you when you’re walking if you still want to live in the community.

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