2 Signs You May Need a Garage Door Repair

by | Feb 5, 2019 | Construction & Contractors

Just like the rest of your house, your garage door occasionally needs some attention. Don’t make the mistake many people do and just expect it to work perfectly without any maintenance.

Shifting Door Panels

If you have a wooden garage door, there are likely decorative panels on the front of the door. These panels are not part of the main door itself. Instead, they are separately attached. One reason manufacturer’s do this is because wood naturally expands and contracts in reaction to the temperature. This construction method allows the panels to move semi-freely. Over time, however, the expansion may not match the contraction, and you may start to notice gaps through the door. The first sign of this you may notice is that you can see light coming through the door in cracks and crevices.

A garage door repairman from Chicago garage construction company can fill in the gaps with special compounds that he can mix and blend to match your garage door color. If the wood is severely aging, he may suggest replacing certain panels, or replacing the door entirely.

Incomplete Closure

Does your garage door fail to close all the way anymore? The bottom of the garage door should meet the top of the garage floor, creating a seal that prevents water and wind from coming in, and retaining heat inside the garage. If your garage door no longer goes all the way down, you could be losing heat to the outside. You could also be unknowingly allowing critters to gain easy access to the inside of your garage, where they will probably find plenty of insulation and nooks and crannies to make nests.

Once you’ve ascertained that nothing is in the way of the garage door path, you should ask a garage door repairman to take a look at the door track. It’s possible that something accidentally bent the track near the bottom, or that there is a kink in the chain that regulates the garage door movement. Anything that prevents the garage door from completing its intended motion is bound to cause strain on your garage door opener motor, so the sooner you get it repaired, the less likely that more damage will be done.

If you take care of these small repairs by hiring a Chicago garage construction company, you’ll be less likely to get an unexpected and unwelcome surprise one day when your garage door stops working entirely. Call Absolute Garage Builders today for help with your garage door problems!

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