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When you’re ready to replace your current vehicle, there are several reasons you should consider buying used Subaru cars in San Mateo, CA. In particular, buying used instead of new can save you money in several different ways. Here are a few financial reasons to choose a used model.

Get the Car You Want For Less

The most immediate way to save on the cost of your next vehicle is to buy an older version of the model you want. You’ll still get the same basic design, but buying an older model will help you avoid the sharp depreciation that occurs with a new model. This means you’ll pay less and get more value for your money.

Pay Less on Insurance

Among other factors, insurance companies take the type and year of your vehicle into consideration when calculating a quote for coverage. In choosing a model that’s just two or three years older, you could save significantly on your monthly premiums. Additionally, it will take less time to pay off your auto loan on a cheaper used car, allowing you to reduce your coverage sooner.

Get More Car For Your Money

If you’re flexible on the make and model of your next vehicle, considering used Subaru cars in San Mateo, CA, can help you get better quality care for the same money. You can choose a more luxurious or sportier model without overspending on your budget. The used vehicle you buy may even have more optional features, which would allow you to enjoy a fully-loaded vehicle without the added costs.

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