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There are many different signs or indicators that your home in Fresno could benefit from new windows. It often makes sense to replace existing windows with new windows when doing a full exterior renovation with new siding.

Companies like Northwest Exteriors can provide all of these services, making it easy to work with a highly reputable and experienced contractor for the complete project. This not only makes the project less stressful, but it also minimizes the time required by the Fresno homeowner in vetting and selecting service providers.

However, even without an exterior renovation, there are several important signs that window replacement should be considered.

Increased Energy Bills

One of the most common issues with faulty windows and frames is the loss of cold air in the summer months and the loss of hot air in the winter month the result of multiple windows leaking air from the home results in increasing demands on the heating and cooling system in the home.

By opting for window replacement, old windows that are no longer sealed or energy efficient can be removed, and new windows put in their place. The result will be a drop in energy bills.

Leaks Around Windows

In addition to allowing air to escape from the home, another consideration for window replacement is water leaks around the windows. This may only occur with a combination of wind and rain that blows the rain into the window’s surface. Water stains around the frames, drip marks on the walls or wet carpets or floors under windows are a sure sign of problems.

Windows Hard

Old window frames can warp, particularly old wood frames. They can also swell and rot, creating problems in opening and closing of the windows. Old styles of aluminum frames or old vinyl frames may also twist, making it very difficult to operate the windows.

There are lots of reasons to choose to replace old, existing windows. With the new options on the market, it is easy to find the right match for your home.

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