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It’s very frustrating when your water never gets hot enough. When this happens, you need to hire a reputable, licensed plumber for water heater repair in Clearwater, FL. Plumbers can figure out what’s causing the problem quickly and provide you with solutions. Here are three common water heater problems that need expert attention as soon as possible.

Inconsistent Heating

Does your water heat inconsistently? One second it’s lukewarm, the next it’s scalding hot, and then it turns ice cold? These are signs that the water heater isn’t working correctly. It could need its burner replaced, or the tank might need flushing to get rid of the sediment.

Weird Noises

Water heaters make some noises when they heat the water. However, if your water heater makes popping or snapping sounds during operation, call a plumber. What’s likely happening is there’s sediment in the tank, and as it heats up, it creates mini explosions. Your tank isn’t going to explode, but if the sediment isn’t flushed from the tank, it could cause the appliance to rust from the inside out and need to be replaced.

No Hot Water

The final reason to call for water heater repair in Clearwater, FL, is the most obvious reason. If your water heater no longer heats your household’s water, you need to call for troubleshooting and diagnostic. It might be a simple problem like replacing a part, or you might need to consider a new water heater. Your plumber will help you make the most cost-effective decision.