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Someone you love is a hoarder. While you would love to help them move past this phase and begin to enjoy life again, it’s difficult to do all by yourself. Along with help from a professional therapist, the time will come when you need support from one of the hoarding cleaning services Los Angeles. Here are three signs that the time to make that call has arrived.

Your Loved One Agrees Something Has to Change

It took a long time, but your loved one has finally admitted there is a problem and sincerely wants to make a change. It won’t be easy emotionally, since your loved one has such a strong investment in all the clutter. With ongoing help from a therapist and trained personnel from a service, it will be easier to make the transition without a lot of delay. In a sense, getting the home cleared quickly will aid in that transition.

You Don’t Have The Resources to Handle The Job

As much as you would like to dive in and help, you don’t have the equipment or the expertise to get the job done. By contrast, the professionals at one of the hoarding cleaning services Los Angeles have everything needed to sort and haul away everything that needs to go. That includes items that your loved one wants to donate to charity and that happen to still be in decent shape.

Professional Services Can Accomplish a Lot in Very Little Time

As mentioned earlier, getting more done in a short time is less emotionally exhausting for your loved one. It also limits the potential for overthinking during the process and possibly deciding to hang on to things that really need to go. Since the team from one of the local hoarding cleaning services Los Angeles can clear things out of the home quickly, the sting doesn’t linger for your loved one. What does happen is that the home is tidy faster and your loved one begins to enjoy the results sooner rather than later.

While there may still be the need for counseling in the months to come, getting rid of the clutter is an important step for any hoarder. In a sense, it provides a glimpse into what life will be like when the loved one no longer prevents people from visiting or has to walk through tiny paths to get from one room to the next. Make the call the moment that your loved one agrees that something must be done now. It will be the most important call you could make.