3 Steps to Reduce the Chances of a Rat Infestation in Your Perth Business

by | Jan 9, 2024 | Pest Control Service

Even one rat inside your commercial business can be devastating. The mere sight of a rodent can chase customers away, but that’s nothing compared to the potential health threats rats bring with them. Fortunately, there are a few different practices that are effective as rat control for your business.

Keep Your Business Clean

Clutter is irresistible to rats when they are looking for food or shelter. Make sure all food, whether it’s products you sell or your employees’ lunches, is kept sealed. Keep indoor trash receptacles clean and empty them frequently to aid in rat pest control in Perth. It’s equally important to discard of paper and cardboard waste as quickly as possible since rats will use these materials for nesting.

Fix Leaks Promptly

As you consider rat control for your business, keep in mind that water and moisture are also attractive to rats. Fix roof leaks as soon as you discover them. Similarly, keep up with plumbing repairs. Since rats tend to travel through sewer lines, installing rodent-proofing valves in your toilets will help keep rats out of your bathrooms.

Close Off Access Points

Rat pest control in Perth can be a challenge for businesses since commercial properties may keep doors open during business hours. If this is a common practice for your business, reconsider this policy. Keep bay doors closed when you’re not loading or unloading shipments. Look for other access points and seal them or install screens to eliminate rodent access.

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