3 Things a Person Needs for Document Attestation for China

by | Jan 28, 2021 | Legal

It can be difficult to navigate the legal world alone but especially challenging when trying to understand international legal matters. If you’re dealing with anything in China, it’s important to have the right documents in place and notarized.

Some documents that may require authentication before use in China can include marriage certificates, college degrees, birth certifications and other professional certifications.

Notarization for Document Attestation for China

A notarization is used for a non-government issue document. These are documents like professional certifications, bank letters and powers of attorney that must be first notarized. Documents that are issued by the government like birth certificates don’t require notarization assuming you possess a certified copy obtained by the state.

State Certificate for Document Attestation for China

The next step to get Document attestation for China is to get state certification. In order to do so, you must visit the Secretary of State office with your notarized or certified copies of the proper documents so they can verify their validity. Some situations may require the certification is completed at the federal level.

Consulate Authentication for Document Attestation for China

Finally, bring the certified documents to the Chinese embassy or consulate office. The seals and signatures from the Secretary of State office will then be verified to be used for international matters regarding China.

These are the basic steps needed for international matters in China, including housing, employment and so much more.

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