3 Ways a Denver Alimony Lawyer Helps Non-Custodial Parents Deal with Alimony

by | Jul 28, 2021 | Lawyers & Law Firms

Divorce is one of the most difficult transitions you can phase. It upends your entire world and causes problems emotional and financial trauma. One of the greatest challenges of divorce is settling issues related to alimony and spousal support. How can working with a Denver alimony lawyer make you situation easier and less stressful?

1. Help You Calculate Alimony Payments

Alimony tends to be a point of contention in many divorces. Determining what is fair can be complicated, especially when laws don’t lay out a specific calculation to use. A Denver alimony lawyer can help you understand your obligations and figure out how much you’ll need to pay and for how long. Knowing what to expect helps you make other important decisions and makes it easier to negotiate other aspects of your divorce settlement.

2. Defend Against Accusations Related to Alimony

Unfortunately, not all divorces go as smoothly as most of those involved hope they will. The process can be simple, but it’s complicated by all of the complex emotions involved. If there are accusations made against you regarding you alimony obligations, a Denver alimony lawyer can help you defend yourself. Whether it’s not paying enough, not paying on time, or not paying at all, your attorney will prove to the court you’re meeting your obligations.

3. Make Adjustments to Existing Agreements

Over time, things in life change. Having a divorce settlement does nothing to alter the usual course of events. Sooner or later, you or your former spouse could experience a job change, remarry, or face any number of life events that might affect the existing divorce decree. If and when this happens, your Denver alimony lawyer will help you re-negotiate the current alimony arrangement so you aren’t paying more than the law requires.

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