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It’s supposed to be easy to get compensation for a workplace injury, and it’s theoretically possible to have a successful claim without the help of a Workers Compensation Attorney in Framingham MA. However, worker’s comp is like other government programs in that it is very complex. Those needing guidance can count on an attorney to provide legal advice and help to prevent future problems. In this short guide, potential clients can learn why they should hire a worker’s comp lawyer.

Talk is Very Cheap

Most injury attorneys offer low-cost or free initial consultations. Therefore, it costs an injured worker nothing to get some basic advice. During the free consultation, a client can stop worrying about money and get some useful information.

A Lawyer May be Able to Prevent Claim Denial

Although a claimant can appeal a denial, it’s easier to do the job right the first time. To get a claim approved, the client must file and submit paperwork, meet deadlines, and respond to informational requests within the allotted time. Having an attorney administer the case can ensure that things go smoothly.

Attorneys Can Reduce a Client’s Stress

After a workplace injury, a client may be unable to work-;and the lost income can be a source of great financial and emotional stress. It’s been proven that stress can make an illness worse, but a Workers Compensation Attorney in Framingham MA can take some of the burdens off the client.

Lawyers Cut Through the Red Tape

If a person does his or her own taxes, they’re familiar with government paperwork. Like tax papers, worker’s compensation forms use administrative language, which can be extraordinarily complex. However, an attorney can decipher the legal code and provide clients with specialized advice.

Claims Knowledge and Skill

A worker’s compensation lawyer has extensive claims knowledge, which can allow the client to focus on providing the necessary documentation and getting the appropriate treatment. If a claim is denied or delayed, the worker already has an advocate who knows how to handle objections and requests for information. Those applying for worker’s comp or appealing a claim denial can count on the team at Foglia & Associates, P.C. for competent representation and solid legal strategies.