A Guide to Hiring a Litigation Attorney in Mankato, MN

by | Dec 20, 2018 | Lawyers & Law Firms

Litigation lawyers are crucial for plaintiffs and defendants. Unlike a transactional attorney, the job of a litigation attorney in Mankato, MN is defending their clients’ claims in the courtroom. In this guide, readers will learn several important facts about hiring a litigation lawyer.

What They Do

Anytime a client wants to settle a dispute or file a lawsuit, they should consult a litigation lawyer. While not every consultation ends in a hire, a lawyer can walk a potential client through the case’s legal details. A litigation lawyer will help the client determine whether they can help before they’re hired.

When Clients Need Litigation Lawyers

If a person is named as a lawsuit defendant, they should always consult a lawyer and avoid trying to defend the claim on their own. Below are a few reasons to hire a litigator.

  • Settling professional disputes: If a person is fired from their job because of discrimination, they should hire a litigation lawyer. Whether it’s to settle a debt, collect damages after an accident, or to collect spousal support, a litigation lawyer can help.
  • Asking for a professional opinion: Some clients simply want a lawyer’s advice. Speaking to an attorney doesn’t always mean there will be a trial. A litigation attorney in Mankato, MN has several tools to get a settlement and avoid the expense and hassle of a courtroom trial.

Consider the Cost

Litigation lawyers bill clients in two ways: billable hours and contingency fees. Generally, a plaintiff’s attorney bills on contingency and a defense lawyer bills by the hour. However, business litigators may bill in different ways. It’s always best to be clear about this before hiring the lawyer.

What to Expect

A litigation lawyer should keep their client informed as to the case’s progress. A lawsuit may take several months or years to conclude, and the attorney will keep the client up to date, tell them about settlement offers, and advise them of other options.

If a client believes they need a litigator, they can call the team at Blatz Law today. These attorneys have experience in a range of individual and business litigation scenarios. Clients can call today or visit Blatzlawminnesota.com to find out about the firm’s practice areas.

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