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The Holocaust gave birth to millions of stories of bravery and determination. Among those to be published is that of Holocaust survivor Siggi B. Wilzig who was the only member of his family to survive the camps. He came to America and started his life of freedom by helping track and capture Nazis which earned him United States citizenship.

Siggi’s History

Siggi Wilzig started his life in West Prussia. Years later in a death camp, his father told him not to be bitter and to stick to what he believed. Siggi was able to move to New York in 1947, alone, broke and scared. He worked his way up from a job shoveling snow to working in a sweatshop pressing bow ties to selling binders and furniture. He found love, married, and had children on his way to becoming a successful stockbroker which began his rise to financial success and philanthropy.

Siggi’s Rise

More than making millions of dollars, Siegbert Wilzig wanted to make sure the Holocaust never happened again. He knew firsthand as a Holocaust survivor what damage such hatred could cause to a person’s feeling of self-worth. He vowed to spend the rest of his life teaching and taking care of others of the Jewish faith in his effort to heal wounds.

Learn More About Siegbert B. Wilzig

See the website for UNSTOPPABLE at to learn more about the heroic life of Holocaust survivor Siggi Wilzig and purchase a copy of his biography. Also available are the free discussion guide and the first two chapters of UNSTOPPABLE free upon request.