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The outdoor wood fired pizza oven is becoming part of a growing trend. Since the early 2000s, it has begun to establish itself in America as a popular means of cooking food. Although still less common than it is in Europe, particularly Italy, it is beginning to truly catch on as people become aware of the many advantages it offers the regular outdoor cooker.

Functional, Aesthetic and Efficient

An outdoor oven produces delicious food. There is no doubt about this. Yet, this is not the only reason homeowners give for purchasing one. They cite the following as advantages:

Speed: Wood-fired ovens cook faster. When heated to their maximum, these ovens can cook pizza in less than 2 minutes. As the oven cools down, you can then swiftly cook other food

Improved Flavor: The hot temperatures seal in flavor. At the same time, it uniformly distributes the heat so everything cooks thoroughly and evenly. The smoky flavor is also a plus

Healthier Results: The speed and heat work together to ensure less vital nutrients escape. This makes an outdoor wood fired pizza oven a healthier choice

Versatility: These ovens can cook a wide variety of foods. While pizza is the one most associated with them, they are also perfect for everything from meat to vegetables and bread. The process produces a distinctive flavor

Energy Savers: Outdoor wood-fired ovens use wood. This can reduce your energy bill. However, because it can produce smoke, you need to make certain it clears any restrictions

Improves Resale Value: Increasingly, for Millennials, the addition of an outdoor oven is a value-added addition for resale value. An outdoor oven also is aesthetically pleasing.

Outdoor Wood Fired Pizza Oven

Functional, aesthetically pleasing and cooking food to perfection. This is the way many describe their outdoor ovens. An outdoor wood fired pizza oven can also save energy while improving the resale value of your home.