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As a newcomer to this country, you may not understand what its laws regarding living and staying here legally. You may fear that your visa might expire and put you at risk of being deported. You also may fail to understand what is involved in becoming a lawful citizen.

Rather than try to navigate the complex legal process of renewing your visa or becoming a citizen on your own, you can retain legal counsel to help you with it. You can entrust your entire case to an immigration attorney near Twin Cities.

Renewing Your Visa on Time

You may have a limited amount of time to renew your visa. You cannot risk the visa expiring if you want to avoid being sent back to your home country.

However, you also may have no idea of what offices to go to or what paperwork to send in to the government. You also may not know how much the renewal will cost. Your attorney can assist you in finding out and satisfying these requirements.

Your lawyer can also assist you in pursuing and achieving legal citizenship. You may become a permanent resident or citizen and avoid ever facing deportation again.

An immigration attorney near Twin Cities can assist you with avoiding deportation and having to go back to your home country. He or she can help you renew your visa and pursue the process of becoming a legal American citizen or permanent resident.