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Metal stamping forms a metal into a specific shape through a tool that works from a stamping press. Flat sheet metal blanks or coils are positioned into the press to produce the desired result. Certain other stamping processes are sometimes used such as curling, bending, embossing, and stretching to achieve the final shape. Businesses often use metal stamping as a cost-efficient means of achieving the product production results they need. At Stone City Products, they provide a metal stamping service that serves the needs of various industries.

Precision Metal Stamping Solutions
They are your premier source of you require one solution to deliver your metal stamping requirements. They are highly experienced in working with multiple types of sheet metal stamping components and can make your metal stamping design ideas reality. Their team of skilled professionals and modern stamping equipment allows the production of complex parts per your specifications. Precision and quality are at the core of our metal stamping service deliverables and enable us to provide our customers with the value they need the products we produce.

Quality Stamping Operations
Just because they provide a low cost, fast turnaround service, does not mean they also produce low quality product results. At Stone City Products, they regularly provide high quality metal stamping services to their clients in multiple industries. They also check and test our metal stamping production processes to ensure we produce quality, high-value parts on a consistent basis. The techniques they utilize for this purpose include Six Sigma, and Lean Manufacturing, which help them ensure that their services are on a track to continually improve. Over a period of time, they have honed our processes and services to optimize efficiency.

Industries Served
Whether you need metal stamping solutions for construction, HVAC, automotive, or appliance industry applications, their team of stamping professionals can provide you with the results you require.

Certified Per ISO 9001
As a company that is ISO 9001 certified, power complete commitment is to provide exceptionally consistent production that keeps waste to minimum and achieves successful flaw detection.

For more information about their metal stamping service and the exceptional quality results they can help you achieve for your application, give them a call today at 800.960.3373 or use their contact form.