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In new home construction as well as remodeling and renovation projects, homeowners in Scottsdale have the option of choosing the ideal flooring for every room in the home. One of the most popular choices for single rooms or flooring throughout the home is hardwood.

Surprisingly, hardwood flooring is very easy to maintain, even if you have kids, pets and a busy home. With different choices in natural or engineered hardwood as well as laminate flooring that looks like hardwood, there is the ideal option for any room, even the bathroom, and kitchen.

What to Consider

With natural hardwood flooring, coatings are used to both protect the wood from wear and tear as well as to prevent staining from exposure to water or spills. This is important to consider with hardwood installed in the kitchen, bathroom or even the entry area of the home.

Generally, lighter colors of hardwood flooring are less likely to show any type of minor surface scratches or dull areas on the floor compared to the very dark hardwoods. The surface coating also has an impact with the high gloss type of flooring showing surface scratches more easily than the more matte or natural types of coatings.

Daily Mopping

A simple routine to keep hardwood looking great is to simply dry mop with a microfiber mop. This picks up the dirt and dust, removing it from the surface. Sweeping can create surface scratches and tends to leave dirt and small particles behind.

Damp Mop

Once a week or as needed, use a very slightly damp mop on the surface. Use a specialized hardwood cleaner that is not going to build up a residue on the surface. Mist the surface and mop to leave behind a clean, shiny floor surface.

Always check the manufacturer’s instructions for the type of hardwood installed in the Scottsdale home. The instructions provide specific information on the best techniques and cleaning products to use.

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