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One of the most widely agreed-upon ideas among humans is that we all make mistakes. This is especially true when dealing with computer networks – even more so with large company computer networks. Let’s learn a few basic, foundational ideas about disaster recovery service in Irvine, California.

Disaster Recovery Plans Should Regularly Be Updated

As you know, in the world of technology, best practices, industry standards, and state-of-the-art capabilities change on a monthly, weekly, and – in some cases – even on a daily basis. In order to maintain an effective disaster recovery plan, your company should regularly review, evaluate, and – if necessary – modify the plan.

Regularly Educate Employees about Social Engineering

Social engineering is a common tactic utilized by cybercriminals. Social engineering simply refers to tricking, more or less, an entity’s authorized to fork over sensitive information that cybercriminals can profit from. This may be expensive to stay on top of, but it’s worth it.

Multiple Backups Are a Necessity

Companies’ banks of information are often highly valuable. As such, you should always utilize at least two different types of computer network backups that function in different, unique manners.

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