Build Your Confidence by Choosing the Right New Home Builder

by | Dec 28, 2021 | Home Builder

There are plenty of horror stories about home builders. From out-of-control budgets to half-finished sites, your concerns about finding a new home builder in Jacksonville, FL, are valid. Fortunately, a majority of builders are skilled and professional enough for your project.

Your role is laying a foundation for honest communication and expectations. Doing so helps to ensure you avoid a bad experience.

Find a Builder with the Experience You Need

While contractors exist for all types of homes, you need one with experience in building the style you want and need. The unique challenges of each style require a home builder that focuses on the right level of quality to meet your expectations.

Ask Questions about the Estimating Process

Equally important to choosing a new home builder in Jacksonville, FL, is asking questions about their estimating process. You want to make sure they have an extremely thorough way of setting a budget.

Most use a two-step process. You may receive a preliminary estimate based on historical costs. Once plans and specifications are finalized, you should receive a detailed budget estimate.

Know the Project Team

Find out who is assigned to your new home project and how often direct supervision of construction takes place. A typical professional team of professionals includes an architect, engineer, construction manager, project manager and in-office support.

Hire a Home Builder You Can Trust

If you want a new home builder in Jacksonville, FL, to be with you from start to finish, look no further than CornerStone Homes. They provide personalized service to ensure your specific needs are met.

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