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The product manufacturing industry counts on suppliers that provide CNC machining services. The process of machining metal and plastic components has been revolutionized by computer numerical control (CNC) equipment. CNC machinist uses computers and programs to operate today’s machining equipment. Computer controlled machining tools include lathes, mills, routers and grinders.

A CNC machinist produces prototypes to test and finalize parts regardless of their complexity. A licensed CNC machine supplier will work with your firm to select the right metal or plastic to generate and test your components.

Benefits of CNC Machine Parts

The most significant advantages of today’s CNC machine services is the 100% precision and increased replication speeds of components. A secondary outcome is the hands-free production process that enables machinists to program other job orders. The equipment can continue to replicate components on a 24/7 cycle. CNC machining suppliers create 3D and other complex parts that may otherwise be difficult or impossible to produce using certain 20th century, traditional machining methods.

Cost Benefit

We live in an open, global society, but consumer products continue to shrink in size. Consider the handheld cellular phone. The amount of processing power in your hand is greater than IBM could have imagined 20 years ago. CNC machine suppliers provide the miniaturized components for semiconductors, gears, rotors, bolts and much more. Today’s equipment is a perfect example of the technological improvements that drive down production costs while increasing product outputs.

Machine Materials

CNC machined components were produced from a variety of metals and special materials. A supplier needs to demonstrate their ability to work with a variety of these metals. Before it’s time to start production of components, be sure the selected supplier offers to prototype. Generating a prototype of your engineered, designed components will reduce time, save money and prevent costly reproduction runs. Here are a few examples of the metals and materials used today.

 * Stainless Steel
 * Copper
 * Titanium
 * Brass
 * Aluminum
 * Foam
 * Fiberglass
 * Plastic
 * Magnesium
 * Teflon

Whether your firm needs to produce 10 or 1,000 parts, there are reputable CNC machine services providers right here in the USA. All suppliers offer competitive pricing and quality components. Look for the differentiators: on-time delivery and exceptional customer service.