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Summers in Cabot, AR can be extremely brutal with hot humid temperatures and afternoon thunderstorms that don’t do much to cool things off. For that reason, many residents rely a great deal on their air conditioning systems.

The fact is that a home air conditioning unit can work pretty much year-round in a place like Cabot. This puts a great deal of stress on the system. Even though HVAC systems are built to be durable and long-lasting, it doesn’t mean that they won’t experience certain issues. That’s why it’s always good for a homeowner to be more informed about common AC issues. Here are some of the issues that may require professional home AC repair near Cabot, AR.

All central A/C units use an inside air handler and an outside compressor unit. If a person turns their air conditioner on, but it doesn’t seem to be operating, the first thing a person will want to check is the outside fan unit. This fan is used to transfer heat out of the air conditioning system. When this fan doesn’t work, the compressor, which provides the coolant that generates the cool air, won’t work. Sometimes it’s a fan motor. Other times, it’s an issue with faulty wiring that isn’t allowing the compressor unit to get enough power to operate.

Many times the air conditioning system will work, but it doesn’t seem to be blowing out a great deal of cold air. Low coolant levels may be the culprit. This will typically indicate another problem. As the refrigerant used in home air conditioning systems doesn’t often evaporate, the only logical reason for low levels of coolant is a leak. In these instances, a person may want to contact Stedfast Heat & Air and have them come out to inspect the system and check for any leaks that may have resulted in low refrigerant levels.

There are many other problems that can pop up with an air conditioning system that are far too numerous to mention here. If your system isn’t working properly, it may require professional home AC repair near Cabot AR. By having professionals take a look at your system, they can quickly diagnose the problem and fix it so that your home can be as comfortable as possible during the brutal near Cabot, AR summer.