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Whether you are building a new office for your business or you need to have the roof replaced, you should consider having a metal roof installed. There are several benefits of metal roofing over traditional shingle roofing.

Longer Life Span

Traditional shingle roofs have a life span of between ten to twenty years. During that time, it may be necessary to have the roof repaired more than once. A metal roof in Fort Collins CO has a life expectancy of between forty and sixty years. During that time, only minor maintenance is needed. Because of this, you can save thousands of dollars by having a metal roof installed by a commercial roofer.

Less Time For Roof Replacement

If you are replacing the roof on your commercial building, replacing with metal roofing can be a great time saver. When you replace your roof with a shingle roof, the shingles on the old roof must be removed first. This can be very time consuming, and costly. If you are replacing with a metal roof, the roof can be installed right over the existing shingle roof, saving a great deal of time.

Very Low Maintenance

Metal roofs require much less maintenance than shingle roofs. Shingles can crack, decay, become discolored, or fall off altogether. Also, if moisture leaks underneath the shingles, mold can develop. Metal roofing requires very little maintenance. A yearly inspection of the roof should be done in order to check for any screws which are lifting and need to be screwed back in. Mold is not an issue with metal roofing.

Saves on Energy Cost

Saving on energy costs is very important to any business. If you have metal roofing installed on your commercial building, you can save up to 34% in energy costs. This is because the metal roof holds the cool in during the summer, and hold the heat in during the winter.

Weather Resistant

Traditional shingle roofs are susceptible to weather damage. Snow and ice buildup, high winds, and snow buildup can all cause damage to the roof. Metal roofs are weather resistant, and will not be damaged during inclement weather.

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