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Whether you want to purchase CBD for yourself or buy it wholesale for your business, choose a well-established CBD company. The truth is, the popularity of CBD products has spawned quite a few “fly by night” operations, with questionable quality. However, a CBD company that’s been around before it became trendy, has likely perfected its craft.

Also, Colorado-grown and manufactured CBD products not only have a superior reputation but also support the local economy. The fact is, the state of Colorado helped to pioneer CBD and other healthful hemp products. Some of the very first CBD companies were founded in the Centennial State.

When you are choosing CBD, look for CBD oil made from 100% non-GMO, domestically grown hemp from the best CBD strains available. Also, look for full-Spectrum CBD with THC levels under the legal limit. Full-spectrum CBD products have all of the vital plant extracts and terpenes for a potent entourage effect.

Finally, a product made with the Co2 extraction process does not contain any solvents or chemical residues. This is the absolute best method for extracting CBD from hemp plants. Companies using the CO2 extraction method typically produce the highest quality CBD products.

Choosing to buy from a well-established CBD company almost always guarantees good quality and high potency products. Whether you’re suffering from arthritis, anxiety, or need relief from the side effects of your cancer treatment, CBD can help. Needless to say, high quality and potent product from a reputable company will give you the best results.