Cooling Service Contract in Richmond: Heating and AC Maintenance tips

by | Jun 9, 2021 | Air Conditioning & Heating

To keep running and serving you efficiently, your air conditioning and heating system needs proper care and maintenance. Failure to do this, you will have frequent breakdowns and spend more time on repairs. The following are tips on how you can maintain your AC and heater as shared by Cooling Service Contract Richmond providers.

Changing filters

Clean filters ensure that we get cleaner and fresher air as well as preventing allergic reactions in sensitive people. Also, clean filters ensure that your air conditioning unit and heater works efficiently and maximizes their running capacity. To enjoy all these benefits, you will have to change your filter on a monthly or quarterly basis depending on the type of filters you have.

Tighten Belts and loose parts on a quarterly basis

Tight belts ensure that there is proper air volume. If the belts are loose, the cooling capacity and process of refrigeration are greatly affected. If loose belts are left unattended for long, they might break causing the system to freeze up. This leads to compressor failure and potential water damage. Checking for loose parts which might eventually fall off is also important. When they fall off, the system might start making noises and eventually break down. For this purpose, you might need to call in an expert to do the tightening because, without knowledge, you might do more damage by maybe tightening too much which will cause the system to run with more difficulty.

Clean the coils

Dirty coils tend to use more electricity than clean ones. Ensure that the coils are cleaned annually to avoid dirt from blocking your system which will later cost you more.


Friction makes your system to run with lots of difficulties. To avoid this, oil and lubricate the bearings. You will notice that the appliance will work efficiently and consume less energy.

It is said that prevention is better than cure. Maintenance is one way of preventing regular breakdowns and eventually costly repairs. Maintenance also ensures that the system serves you till its lifespan expires and thus you will see that your investing in it was worth it. For all your heating and cooling needs, talk to Green Air Inc. They offer a wide range of services including a cooling service contract option. Visit website to find more on other options avail

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