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Imagine that you’re driving and your windshield cracks. You’re not sure what to do, but the following guide will go over some steps for you.

Analyze the Break

If the issue is a chip that doesn’t obstruct your vision, then you can continue driving, but do your best to find windshield replacement and repair in Prescott Valley, AZ, as soon as possible.

Cracks or chips that are obstructing your vision, even if it’s just a little, should be treated with more concern. Drive only if necessary, but it’s best to call your nearest windshield replacement and repair in Prescott Valley, AZ, to see if you can get roadside assistance. If you absolutely must drive, then make sure you do so slowly, and turn your emergency lights on just to be safe.

If your windshield is completely shattered or broken, then you need to stop as soon as you can. Now, if your vision is completely obstructed, you need to stop slowly.

You also want to turn on your hazard lights. It’s best to keep safety glasses and safety gloves in your glove compartment because if your glass is completely shattered you might need to push some of the glass out in order to see better while you try to stop.

Once you stop, you want to talk to specialists like Prescott Glass & Mirror who can help you get back on the road safely, so go ahead and get their number by visiting us.