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If you own an event center, you know that you need linens you can count on for versatility and low maintenance. An economy polyester tablecloth in 108 round white is the perfect solution. Even if you’re simply looking for a few reliable tablecloths for small parties or to use in your home, these tablecloths solve a lot of common problems.

Easy to Care For

Because these tablecloths are made from polyester, they are easy to care for. You’ll be able to wash and dry them easily by simply tossing them into the washing machine on gentle with cold water. Dry them on low to medium heat and they’ll last for a very long time.


A round tablecloth in white is the perfect neutral for any type of party or special occasion. It can easily be dressed up by adding a table runner in a contrasting color. For a wedding, you’d add accessories in the bridal colors. For other celebrations, use a color that matches the theme of the event.

Looks Stunning

Polyester mimics the look of fine linens. You won’t be sacrificing style for an affordable price. This material won’t wrinkle as easily as cotton or silk, and it resists stains when compared to similar fabrics. Purchasing your tablecloths in white adds to the elegance and is suitable for any occasion.

If you want to take advantage of everything an economy polyester tablecloth in 108 round white has to offer, visit CV Linens to learn more.