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Many parents are unfamiliar with when a child should see a dentist for the first time. Ideally, you should establish your child with a pediatric dentist by one year of age. Statistics show that children that have this initial appointment are more likely to receive appropriate preventive care and have better oral health as they grow and develop. If you are unsure of where to schedule your child’s first appointment, you need to consider a few pertinent things Your child’s pediatric dentist should be experienced and have a reputation for patience, a positive and gentle approach and provide a child friendly office atmosphere. Dentistry for children Charleston SC meets this criterion and caters to children in a manner that surpasses the expectations of most parents.

Dentistry for children Charleston SC is comprised of specialists of pediatric dentistry and operates on the fundamental truth that patients are the most important asset. Dentistry for children Charleston SC knows that a child, treated with the special care he or she deserves, will develop a trust and will be a patient for years to come.

The pediatric dentists at Dentistry for children Charleston SC know that parents have many questions and are happy to answer them during each stage of the child’s growth and development. They have the expertise to provide advice to parents on a variety of different concerns that may arise. Examples may be baby bottle tooth decay, thumb sucking, or the best time to consider orthodontic treatment. Additionally, childrens Dentistry Charleston SC will make sure that the children in their care learn from experience that a trip to the dentist is nothing to be apprehensive about. On the contrary, the goal is to make it a comfortable experience for your child and that you leave the office confident that your child has received the best care available.

Dentistry for children Charleston SC strives to go above and beyond for families and they offer emergency dental care. A persistent toothache is something that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. It is not uncommon for a child to receive oral injuries. Dentistry for children Charleston SC knows and understands that children run, jump and tumble! In an ideal world children wouldn’t chip or knock out their permanent teeth or cut or bite their tongue, lip or cheek while acting like children but sometime they do! When this occurs, Dentistry for children Charleston SC can provide emergency care!