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Every year, thousands of couples divorce for multiple reasons. A divorce is never simple or easy, and stay at home parents face special challenges. However, with help and planning, an at-home parent can browse the website and make positive changes.

First Step: Basic Planning of the Separation and the Divorce

Few realize how entangled personal and financial lives are in a marriage, whether it lasts for a year or dozens of years. Regardless of who initiates a divorce, planning the separation is important. Consider monthly expenses and income, but give thought to intangible aspects as well. Keep records of:

  • Expenses and income
  • Investments and assets
  • Debts (individual and personal)
  • Vehicle registrations and titles
  • Tax documents
  • Bank records

Keeping these documents will help KEVIN G. BYRD ATTORNEY & COUNSELOR AT LAW understand the overall financial picture, and it will make it easier to decide matters of child support, alimony and asset division.

Second Step: Financial Planning

Once the attorney has an accurate picture of the client’s finances, they can outline the process in terms of what needs to be done post-divorce, such as going back to school or getting a job. Without proper planning, a former at-home parent can find themselves in a bad situation. Start by asking oneself these questions:

  • Is it necessary to get a job?
  • How long can the job search wait?
  • How much money is necessary to live for at least six months?
  • Can the children be supported without a spouse’s income?

These questions and more can all be answered by Divorce Attorneys in Tacoma WA.

Third Step: Plan the Separation

If a couple is married for over a decade and has significant assets and/or debts, the divorce is likely to be complex. The at-home parent should learn about alimony and child support, and discuss options with their attorney. Some jurisdictions disallow spousal support or impose strict guidelines on eligibility. The asset division phase will tell the client what they’ll need to replace, and what they get to keep. If there’s a prenuptial agreement, the lawyer will review it and ensure that it is followed.

It can take many years for a divorce to become final. Planning and patience are important, and Divorce Attorneys in Tacoma WA can provide the help and reassurance an at-home parent needs during a tumultuous and difficult time.