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It can be difficult to make decisions regarding care for an elderly parent that is no longer able to care for himself. You don’t want to see your loved one completely lose their independence by ending up in a nursing home or extended care hospital facility, but you also want to ensure that he is well cared for and has everything that he needs. This leaves you with the difficult decision as to how to handle your loved one’s needs.

Compassionate Elder Care Asheville, NC residents rely on offer a full range of services to meet the individual needs of each patient. If your parent or even both parents are having difficulty caring for themselves but wish to remain in their home, it is important that you find professional nursing care that will evaluate their particular needs and devise a strategy that will address these individual needs with dignity, respect, and effectiveness.

There are several different types of professional nursing care that can be utilized to allow your loved ones to remain at home for as long as possible. These options include:

Nursing Home Visits: this type of care involves nurses visiting the home to assess and evaluate the patient’s physical health needs, monitor changes, and plan for addressing these needs. These nurses will also administer medications and treatments as are prescribed by supervising physicians. Any family members that provide care for the patients will be evaluated and instructed to ensure effectiveness and consistency of treatment.

Personal Care: home health aides provide services that address the daily acts of living of patients. This can include help with hygiene, eating, cleaning, bathing, and even laundry or trips to the doctor. These aides will educate the patient and his family regarding care, medical supplies and some simple treatments.

Homemaking and Companion Services: some of the needs of patients are not medical, but rather personal. These professional services offer emotional support and friendship to patients that live alone. These companions offer conversation and company, but also help with basic life activities such as preparing meals, grocery shopping, cleaning, and other needs of each individual. These are important services for individuals that may not have other sources of support or whose family needs additional help caring for their loved ones.

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