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Now that you have done your homework and built a working knowledge of SEO, you have decided to use an SEO company. You identify a few and even had some referred to you by your business associates. What next?

Here are three things the best local SEO solutions in Denver CO should be offering you.

1. A Long-Term Partnership

It is important that the company you settle on should be viewed more of a long-term partner rather than a quick fix handyman. Quality SEO tasks provide your business more sales/leads, which should also prompt your internet marketing partner to suggest additional strategies that will add value to your bottom line. If you shop for a firm with a “this is a one-time” engagement attitude, you will end up with a sub-par quality firm.

2. Project Accountability

While the end results are real, the process and strategy of achieving SEO results can be difficult to value and grasp. High levels of communications are one way of avoiding accountability issues, but there still needs to be some sort of actual workload visibility offered by your SEO company. This will help you understand just how much time goes into running successful SEO campaigns, as well as ensure that you are satisfied.

One way to monitor the project is via a project management system that indicates the number of hours spent on your project. An easier solution is an excel spreadsheet logging tasks performed and time. All in all, measuring the success of your SEO campaign will vary greatly depending on the line of business you are in and your overall objectives, according to Search Engine Watch.

3. Frequent Communication

Communication is a central part of any successful SEO campaign. Find out who will actually be working on your account from the very beginning, to get a feel of how well you rhyme with the service provider. Discuss how often you should receive updates and level of details to expect in your scheduled communication.

A successful SEO campaign is dependent on communication, accountability and partnership. Without these, you can be sure that your project will hit a dead end sooner rather than later. I have found a great SEO service provider, X3 Marketing, where you can learn more about the process and even get started.