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The use of electricity has changed society so much that people often don’t know how to live or work without it. Consider the case of an expanding business. Additions to a building require specific planning and the help of a commercial electrician. One reason for this is the need to meet local code requirements and the expertise necessary to design and draft electrical installations. The commercial electrician must be able to layout wiring for high voltage systems and step those systems down so that wiring can be routed to the office or other areas that have lower demands.

Any electrical system is a series of circuits created to handle an expected load. Unfortunately, most businesses need the ability to add new equipment or replace outdated models. This often requires an adaptable layout and the ability to easily tap into the existing power supply. New circuits may branch off of the existing breaker boxes or a commercial electrician in Newnan GA may need to tie in bus bars. The bus bar is a high voltage power delivery system designed to transfer power to numerous areas. It is not a simple device that can be easily tapped into because of the voltage levels that most bus bars carry.

Commercial and residential electricians require a specific education to properly handle this highly technical job. The amount of education will vary by the region and often depends on local code requirements. For example, most of the physical aspects of electrical installation can be learned through apprenticeship, but many aspects of commercial design will require an associate’s degree.

Commercial electricians cover a variety of areas ranging from simple repairs to the installation of security systems. An experienced electrician can easily diagnose a problem and often find faults that the property owner did not know about. One example is aging wires. Old wiring can have resistance issues, and this can cause them to get hot. Overheated wiring can easily result in fires and damage to property. An electrician should inspect the wiring occasionally to determine if it needs to be replaced.