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Whether you’re the manager of a chain of fast-food eateries or you own a five-star restaurant, you have probably encountered an unwanted pest problem at one point or another. Our professional team of exterminators can help you detect a problem before there is one by discovering access points and feeding grounds that may be hidden to the naked eye. If you’ve been searching for a more reliable exterminator for your restaurants, then look no further.

Solutions for Long Term Pest Control

Rather than coming in and laying down traps or spraying insecticides, our team will carefully examine the interior and exterior of the property to find any points of concern. Once the exterminator for your restaurants has identified any problem areas, they will then fix any access so that bugs and other pests like rodents no longer have a place to breed, feed, or take up residence.

SMART Technology: Better for Your Business and the Environment

Instead of using a lot of chemicals, our team of exterminators uses Anticimex SMART Pest Control solutions. This wireless technology system monitors the activity of pests in your restaurant so that we can identify a problem before there is one. You also won’t have to keep an eye on any traps or specified problem areas as the SMART system keeps us in the loop at all times.

Contact Viking Pest Control to learn more about SMART technology and the services we provide.