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If you’ve been charged with a felony in Illinois, the chances are high that you don’t want to appear in court. Your best path to the right outcome is often through an experienced criminal defense lawyer. Driving with a suspended license is often the first step toward felony charges. So how will I get my license unsuspended in Illinois? This article will give tips on choosing the right law firm to get your license reinstated.

Advocacy Style

The first thing to think about is the practice style of the firm. Criminal defense work requires experience and an approach that will help you reinstate your license. Your attorney will need to know what arguments or approaches he or she can make in court that are most likely effective in reinstating your driving privileges. All criminal defense lawyers are not created equal – some are better suited to certain situations than others. Please discuss the details of your case with several firms until you find one that understands what is happening.


You will want to work with a law firm with a diverse team. This can be important in driving cases because there may be times when you need multiple lawyers. For example, if I am charged with more serious offenses, the prosecutor may consider my lawyer “conflicted.” In that case, they would ask the judge to disqualify my attorney from representing me. Diversification will help me get my license unsuspended in Illinois since the second lawyer will take over.

Seeking to get your license reinstated in Illinois can be difficult. However, if you work with an experienced criminal defense lawyer, there is a high chance that you will achieve a satisfactory outcome. Johnson & Goldrich, PC, in Illinois, is a law firm that provides services to assist individuals who have lost their driving privileges. For more information about the firm, visit Johnson & Goldrich P.C. today