Find Chronic Pain Treatment Without Surgical Intervention in Albany, NY

by | Jun 22, 2023 | Pain Management

Joint pain and back pain are two of the most widespread diagnosis across the US. Things like degenerative discs, spinal issues, and painful knee joints are often the result of natural aging. This is why many people find themselves exploring effective alternatives: non-surgical pain treatments. A lot of traditional medicine doctors will push for knee replacements or spinal surgery, but there are non surgical pain treatments Albany NY that work for some people. While some people will require surgery, others are good candidates for non-surgical regeneration treatments. If you suffer from chronic pain, it may be worth exploring this thought a little more.

The first question most people when exploring effective alternatives: to non-surgical pain treatments is “What does that mean?” It’s a fair question as non-surgical rejuvenation is a mouthful. The best way to learn what it means for you is by booking a consultation to find out. Usually, this refers to the use of stem cell therapy or utilizing growth factors from your own tissues to help heal areas where the body’s tissues are degenerating. However, it can also refer to making diet adjustments, changing your exercise routine, or supplementing your diet with the nutrition it needs to heal. Sometimes it can mean all of these things.

The good news is that most people can find a non-surgical way to find relief from chronic pain if they are willing to explore out-of-the-box options. QC Kinetix in Latham offers concierge medicine to those who want to explore the world of non surgical pain treatments Albany NY. Learn more about your options QC Kinetix (Latham)

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