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Dealings with pests in a home can often be stressful. Not only do rodents and other wild animals pose the risk of bringing diseases into the home, but they can also pose a significant safety risk to children and pets. When a rodent infestation occurs in a home, it is usually after the rodent has already targeted the home for something it needs. This is usually a source of food, water, shelter, or all of the above. In many cases, the first step for removal will be locating the source of what attracted the pest in the first place.

Most pests seek out similar targets, especially when mice or other rodents are concerned. Mice can carry a variety of dangerous diseases, often occurring mostly because of their waste building up in the home. Just like cockroaches, the waste from mice can carry disease from touching it or it being around areas of the home where food is prepared like kitchens. Getting rid of the source of the problem is not enough since the infested areas will need to be thoroughly cleaned after any service for Mice Control in Newcastle is called in.

Infestation sites can also cause major damage to the area. Mice, in particular, can chew through wooden walls, beams, and other wooden obstructions, as well as cardboard boxes in attics or basements. The pest contractorhired will be able to point out areas of the home where the mice were able to enter, as well as help the homeowner resolve the issue. Foundation cracks, holes in walls or roofing, and loose plumbing in the home can all be areas to examine when looking for any entrance a pest could take into the home.

Flick Pest Control Newcastle helps you locate areas around the property that could be potential areas of infestation or entrance into a property. Upon their initial inspection, they will be able to locate leaking pipes that may provide pests with a source of moisture, as well as areas that may provide them with food like garbage being kept in the home too long.