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Workers’ compensation injuries happen every day. Normally, the insurer pays for medical claims. In addition, the worker gets a weekly check based on their average income. However, it does not always work this way. Unfortunately, many employers and insurance companies try to fight claims.

Employees need to be familiar with workers’ compensation rules. For instance, the claim can be denied if it is not reported on time. Further, employers must see a doctor on the company’s panel of physicians. Nonetheless, the claim does not stop with a denial from the insurance company. There is always a way to appeal.

Someone with a denied claim should find Workers’ Compensation Lawyers. Many firms like The Law Offices of Robert T. Edens, PC have free consultations. It is also common for employers to dispute that injuries actually occurred. This happens when there are no witnesses. Another trick they use is to blame a pre-existing condition. This is common with conditions like carpal tunnel.

The lawyer must find evidence to support the claim. They will look for witnesses and talk to medical experts. Claims are often torpedoed by the independent medical exam. The law allows the insurer to send the injured party to a new doctor for a one-time opinion. The insurer is hoping the new doctor will say there is nothing wrong.

Woodstock workers’ compensation lawyers will file an appeal. Appeals are complicated and it is best to have representation. If legal deadlines are missed, the whole claim could be dismissed. Further, it is hard to win secondary appeals if the first one is lost. That is why it is important to listen to the lawyer. The first level of appeal is before an administrative law judge.

In most states, the judge works for the Board of Workers Compensation. If you lose, the claim can be appealed to the Court of Appeals or Superior Court. On the other hand, filing an appeal may nudge the insurer into accepting the claim. The employer may decide they would rather pay the worker than lawyers. Employees need to hire Workers’ compensation lawyers In Woodstock IL.