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No matter what time of the year it is, there are essential auto supplies you should have on hand. Cars have simple maintenance needs that any vehicle owner can handle, plus you will save time and money doing them on your own. It’s also important to know where to find the best auto supplies Ontario CA offers. You can actually find many of these products at your local Ontario hardware store.

Engine Oil and Transmission Fluid

Don’t wait until a warning light comes on — checking your fluids should be done more often than when something goes wrong. Even if they are slightly low, keeping your fluid levels topped off will help keep your engine working at an optimum level between oil changes and other inspections.

Washing Supplies

Don’t let cooler weather stop you from keeping your vehicle looking its best. A coat of quality wax after a soaking wash brightens its paint and protects it from dirt, grime, and other road and weather residue. Don’t forget to stock up on window cleaner and towels!

Carburetor and Brake Cleaners

If you like to do your own vehicle maintenance, then it’s always a great idea to keep a fresh stock of engine and brake cleaners, gasket sealers, and anti-seize. They will keep your engine and braking system optimized year-round.

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