Five Reasons Why Seniors in South Carolina Need a Smartphone

by | Jan 3, 2022 | Phone service provider

Thanks to government programs, the ability to have a smart phone has become widely available. There are five reasons why all seniors should take advantage of a government-funded smartphone program.

Memories: With a smartphone, it’s easy to preserve memories during special occasions and holiday gathering. The software can take fantastic photographs in an instant.

Reading Benefits: A giant magnifying glass app can help a senior who has vision problems. It can enlarge text on prescription bottles, text in books, and descriptions on a restaurant menu. Some smart phones also come with the capability to change the settings to enlarge the app text.

Cognitive Perks: There are also cognitive apps for cell phones. These apps can strengthen a senior’s mind. The most popular apps are

  • Crossword puzzles
  • Word searches
  • Memory games

Health Perks: Many smartphone apps can track vital signs. These particular apps cater to the elderly:

  • MedCoach Medication Reminder
  • Pill Monitor
  • Blood Pressure Companion
  • Blood Pressure Watch
  • Dosecast

Better Safety: With the right app, a smartphone can be a reliable medical companion too. The Spantec Fall Detector app eliminates the need to wear a medical alert bracelet because it uses advanced programming to detect a fall.

SafetyNet is another helpful app for a senior. It transforms a smartphone into a GPS tracker, and it sends coordinated updates to all users.

Get a Free Phone with the South Carolina Lifeline Program

If you’d like to acquire a free phone for a senior, contact Infiniti Mobile today, and sign up for the South Carolina Lifeline Program. This program is only for a free smartphone. You’ll need a different package for free cellular services. To learn more, visit .

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