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As spring finally begins to thaw the southern half of the United States, common home and garden invaders begin their warm weather routines. If your home wasn’t targeted by those critters attempting to escape the cold, chances are they may show themselves now. This likelihood brings about the need to have your local experts in the art of Pest Control Services in Brick NJ, on speed dial.

Many of these intruders aren’t particularly harmful in the physical sense, such as the various crickets found throughout the state of New Jersey. They don’t bite or sting, yet they tend to be reigning hide-and-seek champions and can be a true test of your sanity if they find their way into your home. Silverfish, beetles, and stink bugs also fall into this category. Though they don’t place you in immediate danger, they can be embarrassing and offensive to guests.

Considering the numerous classifications of spiders and snakes native to the area, their level of risk could go either way. Few people are well versed in whether or not each type is poisonous, and most aren’t willing to get close enough to find out. The safest course of action is to call in the professionals who are trained to make this determination and have the company rid your home of them.

Assorted mice and rats in the region are notorious for attempting to share living spaces with humans. Not only do they chew their way into your walls and the food you keep in the pantry, they carry diseases and can inadvertently bring lice, fleas, and other parasites into your home. You also have common outside rodents and animals that can be deterred by Pest Control Services in Brick NJ, specialists. Moles and gophers could be destroying your gardens from underground, while rabbits, squirrels, and other wildlife are attacking your budding vegetables from above.

At the same time, opossums grow more fearless each year and aren’t too shy to hiss and snap at you from your own back porch. Raccoons are generally hesitant to attack unless they feel threatened, but they can certainly make a mess of your outside trash bins. Whether you have a noticeable whole-home invasion or simply hope to cut off wildlife and insects at the pass, contact Dynamic Pest Control LLC in Brick NJ. for your pest control needs.