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Your kitchen will inevitably get a little greasy when you cook. Particles of grease can build up on surfaces, including countertops, cabinets, microwave handles, and canisters. Here are a few tips to help you get rid of all the gunk.

Before using a quality kitchen grease cleaner on surfaces, remove grime, crumbs, and dirt. You can use a clean cloth and a mix of hot water and soap to get rid of the debris. This is an important step to take when it comes to killing germs, which is essential on surfaces like cutting boards and countertops.

There is the option to make your own kitchen degreaser. You can use natural products to do so. However, if you really want to get results, especially during a spring cleaning, you will choose a kitchen grease cleaner that is designed to strip away grease with just one pass of a clean cloth. Read the instructions on the label before using the product. In most cases, it is recommended that you allow the product to sit for about five minutes. Don’t rush this step. After allowing the solution to sit, you should be able to wipe the surface clean.

If your kitchen is especially greasy, start taking steps now to prevent grease buildup. After using a kitchen grease cleaner and doing a thorough cleaning, you get a fresh start. Make it a habit to wipe surfaces with a degreasing product regularly. You may want to change your method of cooking. For example, instead of frying on the stovetop, you could do more baking or use your crockpot.