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A leaky roof puts the entire building at risk of damage. Water dripping down the exterior walls causes them to weaken and soften. The water is also a draw for pests. Water around the foundation may cause it to crack, bow or erode, putting the entire structure at peril. We offer roof leak detection in NY as a way to help home and business owners with flat roofs to find leaks before they become a disaster.

Flat roofs are not common in homes, but they may be used on a building converted into apartments or a multi-family living arrangement. They are common in commercial and industrial buildings such as large stores, factories, and warehouses. A blockage in one or more of the roof drains, degradation of the roofing material or intense rain may all cause the roof to leak. Water will take the path of least resistance, and it will go to any place that lets it through. A small tear, rip or crack in rubber or modified bitumen layer could allow a lot of water to get into the building in a short amount of time.

On the inside of the structure, the location that is stained or wet might not be the location of the roof leak. This is because of water taking the path of least resistance. We find the source of the leak and repair it for you. Prompt leak detection could help you save thousands of dollars in repairs or the premature replacement of your roof. We offer efficient and effective services to customers.

When you need roof leak detection in NY, contact us at Atlantic Leak Detection. You may also visit us online at to learn more about our roof leak detection services for New York home and business owners.