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Being convicted of a DUI can be traumatic and have long-lasting effects on your life and career. Having competent legal representation can cushion the blow somewhat. To make this daunting task somewhat more manageable, it is important to consider the following pointers when selecting a DUI attorney Palos Hills.

1. If you are looking for a DUI attorney Palos Hills, a good place to start would be by simply asking people around the area if they know who would be best suited for this job. It is best to do your due diligence by doing more than going through a website or just the yellow pages. Just because someone has a big advertisement does not mean he is big on performance too. You could try speaking to people with actual DUIs and asking them which DUI attorney they hired for the job. Similarly, you could ask other attorneys who the best ones in town are. Similarly, you could visit a few firms both small and big, to get a feel of what is best for you. Big firms have a tendency to delegate excessively which may mean that the person who prepared for the case is different from the person who defends it. This could result in information getting lost in translation.

2. When you need a fish, you are most likely to look for a fisherman. Similarly, for a courtroom lawyer you will look for someone with actual court experience who has been to court. You can visit the courts and talk to the employees there e.g. bailiffs or stenographers. Since they spend their working life there, they will know which DUI attorney pass the muster and which do not. Hopefully they will even give you names. You may need to be very persuasive because they may initially refuse to give the recommendation.

3. When you get a recommendation of a DUI attorney, you should ask them about their cases and their success rate. Most lawyers insist on getting their clients plea bargains and some masquerade as criminal attorneys when they are not. In addition, DUI cases are very specialized cases by nature not least because the evidence is quite scientific. To prepare a solid defense, the lawyer must have knowledge of the intricacies of the tools used to accumulate proof for the case against you.

4. Be very wary of empty promises. If a DUI attorney is quick to guarantee a result, then this should serve as a warning sign. Immoral lawyers have been known to make false guarantees because they know that their clients are in a vulnerable position and will be unable to do much about it. All that they are allowed to guarantee is a sterling defense.

Finding a dui attorney in Palos Hills means finding people with experience and expertise in this specialized field. If you require more information on the same please visit Michael D. Ettinger & Associates.