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Are you constantly having trouble getting motivated to exercise? Maybe your dieting constantly blows up in your face? When you struggle this much, you might quit a lot sooner than you should, and never reach your diet and fitness goals. What you need is a change of mindset to get into your physical fitness program and routine. Here are six mindsets that can make all the difference.

Short Term Goals for Long Term Benefits

Too many people think of exercise in long term terms. You have to break it up and think in shorter terms. What do you hope to accomplish in two weeks that is reasonable and attainable? You will find it a lot easier to stick with your program if you look at it this way.

Don’t Do This for Anyone Else but You

If you are working out for anyone else but yourself, you will sabotage what you are doing when you get angry with that other person. Do not get in shape to impress a lover who should love you as you are. Do not get in shape to prove to your mother that you can. Do this for you, because you want to be healthy and strong.

Start on the Right Foot with a Physical Fitness Program Trainer

Fitness isn’t just about your body. It is about retraining your brain to think differently about diet and exercise. At The MAX Challenge of Lewes, trainers can help you redefine your personal goals.