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Heading off to elementary school is a big step for a child. Each child handles the transition a little differently, with most children loving their new environment. If you’re a little nervous about your child’s first day, here are some things you can do to prepare.

Be sure your child is accustomed to a structured schedule. If your child has attended preschool, he is already accustomed to the structure in a school day. However, if your child has been home with you, it’s a good idea to ensure your day has structured intervals of playtime, reading, and eating. Children who have had a very unstructured life at home can have difficulty adjusting to how a school day functions.

Be sure your child is ready for playing in a group. Children who have been at home with their parents may also be unaccustomed to playing in larger groups. This type of play requires more sharing and more waiting for your turn, which can be frustrating to children who haven’t had this sort of restriction. Schedule some large play dates or enroll your child in a playgroup prior to beginning Elementary School Huntington Beach CA if you believe this will be an issue.

Be sure your child won’t be tired. If your child still takes naps, it’s important to find out if the elementary school has a rest time. If it does not, or if the time will be much shorter than your child has now, it’s important to wean your child from naps before school starts. Institute an earlier bedtime to make up the difference. Your child will perform much better and have much more fun when well rested.