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Wood wall systems can transform any indoor space. Not only does natural wood add a warm, welcoming ambiance, but acoustical wall panels can also soften and attenuate sound. But, modern wood wall panels are nothing like the cheap, wood paneling of the 1970s. Today, wood wall systems are high-tech creations that serve several purposes.

Wood has insulating properties, especially when the wall panels are built with thicker wood or baffles. While the R-value of wood paneling may be minimal, in a large building the cost savings can add up.

More important than energy savings is the sound insulating properties of wood. This is especially true of wood wall panels that are scientifically engineered with acoustical properties. By cutting or drilling patterns into the panels, the acoustical properties of wood can be significantly enhanced. In fact, concert and lecture halls around the world use acoustical wooden wall panels to enhance the audience’s experience.

But above all, wood lends a warm, welcoming ambiance to any space. This is particularly important for the hospitality industry, as well as in corporate environments. Visitors will naturally feel more relaxed when surrounded by warm, natural wood paneling.

Today, wood wall panels are crafted into many textures and shapes; gone are the days of flat, cheap-looking wood paneling. Rather, modern wood wall systems can form undulating waves, soft curves, or bold patterns creating a uniquely inviting environment.

The experts at Rulon International can design a unique space for your business using their signature wood wall and ceiling panels.