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Hoarding is a real mental illness and in a recent study it was shown that 6% or 19 million Americans struggle with it on a daily basis. While little is understood about this illness it has been generally found that it runs in families and is passed down from one generation to the next. The life of a hoarder is incredibly unhealthy as their living area becomes toxic and dangerous to live in. This is when it is important to have access to home clean out services in Los Angeles.

The Severity of the Situation Can’t Be Underestimated

It is common that when a hoarder’s pet dies, they won’t even dispose of the body. It just lays there and rots and makes the environment dangerous to humans. It attracts rats and maggots that can severely harm a person. This just illustrates the importance to address a hoarders living area and get them the help they need. This is best accomplished by cleaning out the home completely and making it able to sustain a healthy lifestyle again. It is a painful thing for a hoarder to go through which is why as a family member it is important to initiate the clean out on their behalf as their illness prevents them from being able to take that step on their own.

A Company That Understands

Clutter and Hoarding Pros is the company you need to help the person in your life that is suffering from a hoarding disorder. They will sit down and talk with you and your family members on how to best achieve the goal of making your loved one’s area livable again. They will provide you with a detailed written proposal on the size and scope of the work that needs to be done so you will have no surprises later.