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One of the advantages of working with an experienced 4Pillars debt consultant in Victoria is the insight into budgeting, managing credit cards, and in understanding debt. Unfortunately, even with this information, some people may have a difficult time in changing old habits in how they budget and plan for everything from multiple small purchases to much larger purchases such as home improvements and renovations, vehicles and even holidays and special events.

It is not uncommon for people to get out of debt, only to find they start repeating the very behaviors that got them into debt in the first place. The risk of this happening is lower when individuals or couples work with a 4Pillars debt consultant, but people who get out of debt on their own often find themselves back in debt in the not too distant future.

To avoid this type of debt relapse, the following advance from a 4Pillars debt consultant in Victoria can be very helpful.

Evaluate Your Credit Card Use

There is nothing wrong with having a credit card, particularly for emergency issues or if it is used for points, rewards or bonuses and then paid off each month. Most people with debt problems tend to use their credit cards incorrectly, which includes making a lot of unplanned purchased and putting them on the card.

As credit cards have high interest rates, these small purchases can quickly add up, with the added interest, and create problem in fully paying off the card each month.

Examine Your Spending Habits

It can be difficult and emotional but taking the time to write down all the ways that poor money management or bad financial habits lead the original debt issue can be an eye-opening experience. By examining what you did in the past, and comparing it to the behaviours you are currently using, it is easy to spot those destructive habits that are contributing to adding to your current debt load.

Talking to a 4Pillars debt consultant in Victoria can be instrumental in helping you to get out of debt and stay debt-free. To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, go to