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There’s an old one-liner joke some farmers and ranchers like to tell: “The only good bull is a steer.” It references the fact that even the best of bulls can be problematic, and cutting the testicles off a bull to make it a steer makes it a good “bull.” However, there are ways to find and purchase a a good bull for your own herd without losing the bull’s reproductive organs in the process. Since a steer is really only good for food, you need some of these tips to buy a good bull for breeding purposes.

Angus Bulls for Sale

Now, if you are raising a very specific type of cattle for dairy or meat, you might stick with the type of bull you need for your cows. Holstein bulls for Holsteins, Guernsey bulls for Guernseys, etc., but if you are not that particular about your breeding lines, you could choose any type of bull to breed. One type you want to look at is the Angus.

Angus bulls for sale produce a very high-quality meat that is highly sought after by restaurants and grocery stores. Bulls really aren’t particular about their cows either, so long as the cows are in heat. Yet if you decide to get serious about raising just Black Angus beef cattle, you can turn a hefty profit.

Ask to See the Siring Bull

If the ranch or farm from where you buy your young bull has the siring bull on the property, ask to see the siring bull. You would (and should!) do this with any animal you buy. Seeing the cow and the bull helps you spot any potential genetic issues in the parents before buying the young bull.